Coleman County Special Utility District

We are looking out for you.

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Welcome to Coleman County Special Utility District

Coleman County Court HouseIt is the mission of the Coleman County Special Utility District to provide safe and cost effective water services to the customers within the District's service area and to continuously strive to promote water conservation education of its customers and the general public within our boundaries.

We have no choice but to pay more attention to how we are using water, and how we may be wasting it. We must bridge the gap between our understanding of how important water is to our survival and what we can do to ensure that we have an adequate supply of clean water for years to come.

Below is a list of the many simple ways you can take action and conserve water, both inside and outside our homes.

  • Try to do one thing each day to save water. Don’t worry if the savings are minimal. Every drop counts, and every person can make a difference.
  • Be aware of and follow all water conservation and water shortage rules and restrictions that may be in effect in your area.
  • Make sure your children are aware of the need to conserve water.

E.P.A. Safe Water Website

This links to the Environmental Protection Agency's safe water page. It is useful to anyone that wants more information on drinking water regulations. Their goal is to protect public health by ensuring safe drinking water and protecting ground water. This page may also be useful to anyone that may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population.